מילות השיר:
When I was young
I heard a tail
Of a giant standing tall
And his son oh so small
They sheared a dream
To see the king
They hungered for the day
And hurried on their way
As they neared
The tow despaired
A wall worse for the skies
Above the giant eyes
Wait my son said he
Climb upon me
And after you arise
You will be my eyes
And we will do it brothers
After us they'll be no others
You and I will do
What giant want to do
So stand and take the credit
We will be the once to end it
Though we're small
We're standing tall like soldiers
Riding high because we're on
Our father's shoulders
Holy and pure
Our fathers were
Giant – righteous men
We are small compared to them
But our deeds
Upon their deeds
Together they will bring
משיח our king
It's up to us to hummer hom