Six 13 - Chozen (מחווה לפסח)

מקור: Mike Boxer & Benjy Abramowitz, לחן: לא צויין, ז'אנר: לא צויין.

נמצא באלבום: לא צויין.

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Six 13
Six 13
מילות השיר:
The Nile ran fast through the desert that night
But the water, it was red
The kingdom was full of locusts,
With frogs jumping in their beds
The Jews were slaving, building Ramses and Pithom
Moses said, "it's time to say, shalom"

Pharaoh said "no, don't set them free"
He was a bad guy who brought us misery
But God's strong hand began to show
And thus said Mo:

Let them go, let them go,
Or He'll plague Egypt some more
Let them go, Pharaoh,
Say the word and we're out the door

This nightmare
Needs to end today
Let our tribe march on
We won't let the waters stand in our way

Do you want some afikoman?
It's just unleavened bread
Those four questions that I asked before,
I have one more:
Can I have cake instead?

We once were slaves in Egypt
And now we're not
So that's why we don't eat rye
Do you want some afikoman?
You can feel free to say no, man
How 'bout brei?

God took us out, and dayenu
When we got to the sea, we walked right through
There was no time for bread to rise

Let us go, God let us go
We were gone before the dawn
Let us go, Pharaoh
Changed his mind, but we were gone

Here we stand,
On this holiday
Bring the seder on,
Our freedom endures to this very day
הערות על השיר:
Based on "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" from the movie "Frozen"
Music and original lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Adapted lyrics written by Mike Boxer
Additional lyrics by Benjy Abramowitz
Arranged by Ben Bram
Lead vocals performed by Mordy Weinstein, Craig Resmovits, Eric Dinowitz and Jacob Spadaro
Recorded by Mike Boxer, Marianne Cheng, Colin Egan, Marty Gasper and Josh Heilbronner
Edited by Jeff Eames, Eames Audio
Mixed by Alex Green and Alex Koutzoukis, Plaid Productions
Mastered by Dave Sperandio, Vocal Mastering
Produced by Mike Boxer for Six13

Video shot, directed and produced by
Jeremy Horowitz - Top Shelf Productions
Additional direction by Mike Boxer
Additional filming by Ethan Weg
Costume design by Jacob Spadaro

Special thanks to: our loving families, Temple Ohen Shalom of Harrisburg, PA, the JCC of Greater Harrisburg, the Mintz family, all the incredible audio and video production staff mentioned above, our alumni, Phil Kaplan, Jacob Kraus, Ilana Sandberg, Josh Sauer, Dan Singer, Alan Zeitlin, Yossi Zweig, Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel.

Six13 is:
Mike Boxer | Eric Dinowitz | Robert Operman
Craig Resmovits | Jacob Spadaro | Mordy Weinstein.

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