מילות השיר:
waking every morning i'm awed to see the way
everything you've made comes together
opening my eyes to miracles each day
it helps to know your guiding light is here to stay.

and as I'm rising slowly I gather strength and say
I am not alone - you are with

and one day at a time
as I try to find my way
I"ll reach for you and feel you near me as l pray.

give me strength to grow and see
who am l - who l need to be
and with you by my side
l have nothing to hide
if l can come to you honestly

and when it's all too much for me
l'll hold on tight and you'll carry me
just one day at a time
l'll look to you and l'll find
all aolng you believed in me

so many beginings - so many yimes we fall
each and everything is a chance to groww
but only when i search for the meaning in my day
l feel you close, l sense your wisdom and i know

that every test and challenge is only but a gift
a chance to seek you out and to find you
to try and see things clearly to give my soul a lift
to feel your strength to see your light come shining through.