Six 13 - The Thanksgivukkah Anthem

מקור: מייק בוקסר, לחן: מייק בוקסר, ז'אנר: לא צויין.

נמצא באלבום: לא צויין.

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Six 13
Six 13
מילות השיר:
Lyrics (from the full-length version):

This is the song about the most incredible thing that ever happened.
This is the story of something so tremendously tremendous that it won't happen again for another 79,000 years.
Now listen.

Some 2,000 years ago, brave men called Maccabees
They fought against the odds so Jewish people could be free
We celebrate their miraculous defeat of the Roman cavalry
And we call this Chanukah, you see

Now 1,700 years later, the Pilgrims made their way
To the new world to give thanks with Indians and eat tur-kay
And in 1863, Abe Lincoln declared it a holiday
And thus, Thanksgiving came to be

And these festivals of gratitude, for years, were isolated
Except, of course, that one year, back in 1888-ed
But that's about to change, and the world is all abuzz
About the most amazing coincidence that ever waaaaaaaaas...

What should a Jew eat first? Is it the latkes, or the pheasant?
When asked what you are thankful for, is it okay to say "eight presents"?

Is there room upon the table for both menorah and turkey?
What bracha does one say over one's grandmother's gravy?
Do you have doubts about sufganiyot with cranberry?
The answers lie inside of you and me

Would the Pilgrims and the Indians have played dreidel for some fun?
And what good is Black Friday when your shopping's already done?
If your hand hds nine fingers and you traced it with a marker would it kind of look like a menorah?
Who cares? Today we all are free

These legendary bastions, united, side by side
Inspire us but leave so many questions to decide
So raise your placemats high, and light your shamash flame
'Cause the world will never ever be the same

We're so thankful to G-d for the life that we are living
But I still don't get why they didn't call it "Chanugiving"

Thanksgivukkah... It took so long to set the table
Thanksgivukkah... Cornucopia's full of dreidels
Thanksgivukkah... You took me by surprise, Thanksgivukkah

Thanksgivukkah... This day will never forgotten
Thanksgivukkah... John Madden's eating tur-lat-ken
Thanksgivukkah... You've left me quite confused, Thanksgivukkah

הערות על השיר:
מילים, עיבוד והפקה: מייק בוקסר
שירה ווקאלית מבוצעת ע"י: רוברט הופרמן, מייק בוקסר ויעקב ספדרו.
הוקלט ע"י מייק בוקסר, מורדי ויינשטין ו אריק דינוויץ'.

מיקס ועריכה: אלכס גרין ואלכס קוטזוקיס
הפקה משולבת: דייב ספרדיטו, וואקלי מאסטרינג.
וידיאו הפקה ובימוי: ג'רמי הורוויץ'

חברי הלהקה הם:
מייק בוקסר, אריק דנוויץ', רוברט הופרמן, קרייג רומביץ', יעקב ספירדו.ומורדי ויינשטין.

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