מקור: שמואל מרכוס, לחן: שמואל מרכוס, ז'אנר: לא צויין.

נמצא באלבום: רודפי הנבואה.

netanelll | יום רביעי י"ב אדר התשע"א, 16-02-2011 בשעה 15:00צפיות: 2561.
מילות השיר:
today, she was sitting on the street // sorrow in her eyes, a tin can at her feet // holes in her stockings and holes in her shoes // she’s an old beggar woman
no stranger to bad news // so i reached in my pocket to give a bill or two // in my heart i was trying to see what i could do // she thanked me for the
money, i turned to walk away // but i waited for a moment as she began to say // G-d loves the widow and the orphan and the blind the old and the needy
who haven’t got a dime // G-d loves the sickly in his eyes we’re all the same and G-d he loves you too (in the sunshine and the rain.) // i don’t know where she
came from, don’t know her at all, but the wrinkles on her face, they kinda tell it all // so reach in your pocket and give a bill or two and you can thank G-d in
heaven that the beggar isn’t you.
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dedicated in memory of moshe yess.

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    ממש לא רק לספירה...נתנאל לייפר על PLATINUM של A.K.A.PELLA
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    ראשון ומוצלח.