מילות השיר:
In a one room apartment somewhere in the city
a story of magic unfolds
there lived an old widow without any children
abandoned forgotten alone

and she lived with the memories of barbed wire fences
and darkness invading her dreams
oh if ever a woman had a reason to cry
then surely the woman was she

but never did she she a tear
she asked for no answers had nothing to fear
Gods love is hidden in time well know why
but today theres no reason no reason to cry

well it happened one friday there just was no money
her table bare covered in white
but she found a few pennies and bought a small candle
her shabbos would still have its light

she lit the lone candle recited the beracha
the deepest of joys in her heart
when a gust of wind blew through a crack in the window
the flame once so bright had gone dark

this time the pain was so great
she tried to hold it back but it was too late
where has my faith gone she said with a sigh
there was a teardrop formed in the edge of her eye

it rolled down her cheek heading straight for the candle
as if with a mind of its own
touching the wick the drop burst out in flames
once more there was light in her home

no more could she hold back the tears
she cried out the sorrow of so many years
Gods love is hidden in time well know why
but the heavens had told her its all right to cry