מילות השיר:
There she sat as they traveled across the land
To Shilo with Bicurim in their hands
The pain was so great as she contemplates her fate
The other wife the one without a son

Her burden grew heavier each year
Her rivals words poisening the air
She thanked the one above that she held Elkana's love
But it was not nearly enough

And so she stood and by the wall she davened
Praying without speaking the whole time
Only her lips moved in silent supplication
As her spirit soared reaching the divine

She asked Hashem why was I created?
If not to be the mother of a child?
Only her lips moved in silent supplication
While the Cohen watched her all the while

As she turned away from emptying her heart
Harsh words pierced her very essence
This is not the place to pray if you've drunk in any way
She took the chance and told him of her prayer

I'm not drunk, you're servant wouldn't dare
To stand before the king with head no clear
But my soul so full of pain, heartbreak, sorrow and shame
And I'm begging my creator for a child

All I want is a son like any other
And I'll consecrate him to serve in G-D's home
This was my prayer, my supplication
All I requested as I stood alone

He'll live with you in G-d's very palace
As soon as he is ripe to understand
This was my prayer, my supplication
I am G-D's vessel stretching out her hand

The high priest turned to her and said
"May the one above grant you your request"
And so it was in nine months time
Elkana once again stood in line
Knowing that with Shmuel he'd be blessed

Shmuel Hanavi a man above all others
The prophet who annointed our first kings
He led the nation to so much greatness
All because of his mothers silent scream

Until this day our people trek to daven
To the mountain where he lies in peace
And they remember his mother's Tefila
What she asked for and what she received