מילות השיר:
i will never forget
the night i saw my father cry´
i was frightened and alone
and his tears were burning in my eyes
deep in my soul´
i held him ight
and ried to ease the pain

faher in heaven
it`s no secre at all´
when you think of your children
how far they are from home´
two tender tears fall from your eyes
and Your cries´
shake the world´
i cannot bear to see You this way.

father don´t cry
i love you oo much to see you in pain´
only You´who created tears
can wipe them away forever.
so bring on the day
when tere´ll be only joy
You and i will smile
bring on teh day
when tere´ll be no more tears
we´ll never cry again.

i know it´s tears of love
but still it hurts me just the same
You have always held my hand
now i want to hold Yours too
and be there for You
don´t You agre´
it´s time to send the tears away

father in heaven
tehre´s no reason at all
Your precious children
still are so far from home
we´ve done all we can
now i´s in Your hands
let it end, o let it end
the whole world is waiting for you