מילות השיר:
Bereishis at the dawn of time
A vision so divine
Reveals a nation yet to be
Beside them all the world would pale
For they are Yisroel
A shining light for all to see
And they would come together
Pledge their love forever
Tying the knot at Har Sinai
The dowry was the land
Of milk and honey and
The joy it would bring as time went by
From Egypts liberation through the splitting sea
The nations of the land retreated fearfully
The mighty walls did crumble as the Shofar blew
Yericho fell and finally our homeland was in view

Yerushalayim We will never leave you
Now and forever heart and soul we need you
Our life and prayer the dream that lives inside of us
City of our fathers we will never let you go

Once upon the mountain high
He heard the angels cry
As they behold the Akeda
And knowing what his father taught
Dovid Hamelech bought
The holy mountain Mariyah

His son worked endlessly and so it came to be
A Bais Hamikdosh built of purest gold
Kings would come from far and wide
And cast away their pride
They did proclaim to young and old
There is only one Ribonno Shel Olam
If we had only listened we would still be one
With Eretz Yisroel and all that we have lost
How soon we did forget it all and oh at what a cost!!!!


Now it's been two thousand years
And as we fight the tears
We miss you dearly one and all
The agonies we have survived
And yet we still arrive
To find the answers of your walls
We fought so hard to make you home
For you and ours alone
No matter what the world may say
We will not forsake you No! They'll never take you
For we are your soul and this day
Deep inside our hearts we know that it will be
We will rise again for all the world to see
And as we do our Bayis will descend in fire
To light your streets again and to fulfill the worlds desire!