מילות השיר:
I'm at the edge of the water
With nowhere left to go
I've left my chains behind me
I'm a slave no more

Yet they're coming on for me
They're coming on real fast
To return me to the land of Egypt
To come on and bring me back

Well G-d has brought me out of there
And He won't leave me here
Between oppression and the water
In the middle me and my fears

And some's faith are falling
There's only one thing to do
To get into the water
And just pray that I'll get through

So get into the water
Now get in real deep
G-d will save us somehow
If we just believe
So come on split the sea my Lord
Come on now split the sea
Let us walk across on dry land
To be forever free

My captors approach now
So in I go
Right into the water
My faith is the only thing I lnow

And I'm praing for a miracle
For a wonder to occur
I trust that G-d will save me
From the dangers on the shore

When suddenly all around me
The sea it starts to rise
Walls of water form beside me
The land below me dry

And I walk across onto the end
Onto the other side
And these dark blue walls
Of water fall
On my enemy inside

So get into the water...